Instructions for Models

Instructions and How To for Payme and MyFavoriteCam

Your Payme app is hosted on your MyFavoriteModel page by default. You can also request widget code to embed on your own website. 

To accept payment, simply give your fans the link to your MFM page. You will receive an email each time money is transferred to you. You make 90% on each transaction. 

We do payouts at the end of the month via Check, Direct Deposit, or Zelle. 

Sign into your MyFavoriteCam account here. 

Click My Media, Upload Videos, and then select the file to upload. Be patient while the preview updates. Finally submit the video. 

Once this is complete, go to Manage Videos to enable, set-up price and type, and finalize vid.

You can set videos to be viewed by subscribers to your fan site, pay per minute, or as a rental. 

Use file type mp4, under 500mb, suggest res is 720p

Sign into your MyFavoriteCam account here. 

Go to My Webcam and choose document. Sign the document and then upload for approval. 

Once approved for webcam you can set your price, tip options, and how much your fan site subscriptions are. 

To begin webcam (this is VERY important.): Click “Start My Webcam.” Choose the red flash button. Then click “Click to Go Live.” You are now broadcasting for free to anyone within your feed.  Chrome is the best browser for broadcasting. You may have to allow flash and access to microphone and webcam in your browser settings. 

While broadcasting live on MyFavoriteCam, a user can request a private cam show. Accept their request when it pops up on your screen.

VERY IMPORTANT: This starts a new video stream. Click the red flash button again and choose LIVE or your broadcast will not show up to your private user. 

1.) Payme, PPV video, Live Cam, and Fan Subscriptions were all created with the “send your own traffic” work flow. Most established performer’s sales come from their own traffic (social media, etc.) We are offering platforms for you to capitalize on YOUR brand and we pay you a much larger % because you have done the work to attain fans & drive them to your content. If you have zero traffic & no brand this may not be the best platform.

2.) Fan Site application is easy. You can use this feature to subscribe to your content just like Onlyfans, etc. Use it stand alone for that purpose or use it in combination with content sales and cam. 

3.) Webcam Only. You can use this to drive your traffic from social media or regulars on other cam sites to make 80% instead of the measly amounts other sites offer. There is no point in paying other sites for traffic when you have sent it yourself many times or captured already. Other sites want to charge you 50% for traffic you’ve already captured on their site. It makes sense to charge you for the traffic once but after they are your customer, it is a ripoff to keep paying high rates for that client. They’re yours now!

4.) Pay to View is a great way to make residual income on your content. You have two options: Rentals and Pay Per Minute. You can choose one or both options to stream your content. 

5.) You can literally make this your one stop shop for everything you offer. Drive the traffic you have gained on social media and paid for via high commissions on other sites to a site that respects your brand and gives you the highest payout whether it is a money transfer, broadcast, tribute, payperview. 

Payme direct money transfers and payments from MyFavoriteCam come as two different payments.

Payme is paid at 90% . Payment period ends on the last day of the month. Payments processed 2-3 days later and sent. You can request an 1 early payout before the end of the month but it will be paid at 80% . 

MyFavoriteCam is paid at 80%. The pay period ends at the end of the month and payments are processed 5-7 days after the end of the pay period. 

Payments are sent by check, direct deposit, or Zelle. Email Support@MyFavoriteModel.comto ensure you have the correct method set up. The options  available to select on the site are not correct at this time.